Don Sterling

The idiocy of this man is only surpassed by the stupidity of Cliven Bundy.

But let's just go all the way back to the core of his idiocy.  His gold-digging girlfriend. It doesn't matter whether she is half white, half black, half Asian, half Hispanic, or half anything else. SHE IS HALF HIS AGE, AT THE VERY LEAST!!!!!

Mr. Sterling: if you believe that little gold-digger likes you for you, you are pathetic.That's where your trouble starts. Right there! You're 80 years old! What makes you think YOU should be associating with a girl that young? 

And so what if she posed for a picture with Magic Johnson? Who wouldn't? I would love to have a picture with him. And you object to her bringing Black people to Clipper games? Mr. Sterling, have you been to any basketball games? Most of the players are African American. Their families, many of whom are Black, attend these games to watch them play. There are Black people in the stands!  They're called FANS! FANS WHO PAY MONEY to watch, THUS INCREASING YOUR WEALTH. far as your remarks go. Ah, are a bigot. A bigot who makes a fortune off of a team that is predominantly made up of Black players. You said you feed them, clothe them, give them nice houses to live in. Really? And how do you figure that? Don't they get paid for the job they do? Don't you get richer from the job they do?You're a jerk! A bigoted, racist jerk! This is 2014! Have you heard of the term 'equality'? Well, guess what! Your gold-digger girlfriend can hang out with, take pictures with, and go to games with anyone, in any race she chooses. And if she has any smarts, she should prefer Magic over you.

Well, you lose! Basketball will be better off without you. Go Clippers! (without Don Sterling)

And that's what i think...................


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