Cliven Bundy

Cliven Bundy? OH. MY. GOD!!! 
What is with this guy?

First of all, he's grazing his animals on land that does not belong to him. It doesn't matter whose land it is--it's not his! 

Then he says he does not recognize the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Well, from whom did he steal that stars and stripes flag? I don't think that is the State of Bundy flag!! So why would he wave the flag of a government he does not believe exists? Isn't that sort of like hanging his Christmas stocking?

But aside from all that......................

He decides to share his insight and knowledge on 

Well....saying anything more about this would be dignifying his statements way more than they deserve. 

But I do believe that our African American citizens are owed an apology. Not from him--he's too stupid to know how wrong he is. But the apology should come from the media for being asinine enough to allow that man to speak on camera and into a microphone.

I hope our African American population is wise enough to take that man's words for what they are worth--NOT A DAMN THING! He's an idiot. 

Oh, and please handle whatever that idiot clown says in the proper manner. JUST LAUGH YOUR ASSES OFF!!

And that's what I think..............


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