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Republican Candidates--I Have Some Questions for You

Donald Trump--In a debate, why do you NEVER answer the questions asked? How bout answering this one: What are your plans for Social Security and Medicare? Do you plan on hurting the elderly and disabled like the other candidates? Or are you planning to rebuild Social Security so that those who are less fortunate than you can live a life where the basic necessities are taken care of?

Ben Carson--I understand you are a brilliant surgeon and that you are the only candidate who can operate on a brain or separate Siamese twins--BUT--What exactly makes that Presidential? I understand that you want to end Medicare. WHY? Doesn't the medical profession get a high enough payment when claims go through Medicare? Or do you simply not want to see the elderly be healthy? Are you suggesting that all people be taken off Government subsidies and left to sink or swim? Any idea how many would survive? Or don't you care?