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It's Time to Fix the Government


I was going to suggest that we get rid of everyone, including those who are thinking about running, but I think these steps will do it for us...................

A.  ABOLISH Lobbying.
B.  LEGISLATE A BILL banning Big Business from the Political Arena.
C.  DEVELOP a new check and balance system. 
     1. Have average people from all walks of live sit in on the lawmaking sessions.
          a. 12 people, acting somewhat like a jury.
          b. Randomly summoned to Washington, just like a summons for jury duty.
          c. They get paid for their time there.
          d. Their transportation and lodging is also paid for. 
          e. Change panel every month, unless a huge bill enactment is being discussed.
D. DEDUCT money from the pays of those Congressmen not present during sessions.
E. LOWER Congressional salaries to $55,000 a year. 
     1. If that pay is not enough to live on, they can get a part-time job.
     2. Most Americans live on a lot less.
     3. It might gain some s…