Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Congress Retirement

Okay.....everybody I talk to, every single person I know and some I have never met, all complain that members of Congress do not have to pay into Social Security and get to retire at full pay, get secret service protection, and medical care coverage. 

Not one person likes it.
Not even one person thinks it is fair.
Every person wants it changed.

SO WHY IS IT NOT CHANGED? I have filed petitions, gotten signatures, written to the governmental bodies, and yet this changes nothing.

Now....anybody who thinks that these people in Washington are working for us--WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, is sadly mistaken. 

This is the reason why Social Security and Medicare are so often attacked by Congress. It's because IT DOESN'T AFFECT THEM!

These politicians say they work for us? TELL THEM TO CHANGE THIS!!! They won't, because THEY DO NOT WORK FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES!!!! They work for themselves and the big businesses in whose pockets they lie in. 

SO WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE TO CHANGE THE SELF-SERVING POLICIES IN WASHINGTON?? Obviously they don't listen to what the people want. 

Any ideas?? I'm open to them. We have to do something.

And this is what I think..............

Friday, January 24, 2014


Justin, when you first started out you were a good-looking, talented kid who any mother would be proud to call her son. WHAT HAPPENED?

You are still good-looking and talented, but your mother has to be highly embarrassed by your behavior. You went from being a great kid to an obnoxious punk. Maybe your fans think your antics are cute, but just remember--they grow up just as you should have. 

When your fans move on to someone who is more sophisticated and mature, you will be left behind and eventually you will have nothing. GROW UP, KID!

You have a responsibility to your fans, your mother, and the general public as well. 

Egging your neighbor's house? How childish is that? 
Underage drinking? How illegal is that? 
Drugs? How irresponsible is that?
Drag racing? How dangerous is that? 

You do realize that there are other innocent people on the road, don't you? People whose lives you are putting in jeopardy. It's time to straighten up and fly right, Justin. GROW UP WHILE YOU STILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY!!

That's what I think.............

Friday, January 10, 2014

Old Spice

Has anyone seen the latest Old Spice commercials? Oh My GOD!! 

For those who haven't seen them, they show a boy's mother following him around and singing about how her son is misbehaving by kissing girls, and acting like a man; claiming that it's the fault of Old Spice

The commercials are straight from the memoirs of Oedipus' mother. Talk about sickening! Excuse me while I puke! 

Whatever happened to good taste in advertising? These foul, disgusting commercials need to be removed from the sight of the television viewing audience. Whoever thought this ad campaign up needs to be fired.

On a better note:  Geico--don't ever let go of whoever is in charge of your advertising. Every one of your ads are just terrific. I laughed all night and I still laugh when I remember the one about "the oldest trick in the book." That is hilarious. Keep it up, Geico Advertising department.

.......AND THAT'S WHAT I THINK.....................

Thursday, January 9, 2014


I have not been able to access this blog is weeks. Months! I don't know why, but I hope that whatever the problem was, it's gone now. So.....hello again! Lets' get right to it.

Legalized Marijuana: Yea or Nay?  I say YEA!

Now please keep in mind that I have never smoked a joint--ever. It just has never been my thing. Personally it does not appeal to me. But I think it should be legal to sell, buy, and use. As a rule, alcohol doesn't appeal to me either, and it's legal already.

Now marijuana either appeals to you or it doesn't. Just because it's made legal, trust me, I am not going to suddenly develop a desire for it and run out to buy it. I don't think anyone else will either. There are many good reasons for legalizing marijuana, but here are my main reasons.

1. Government revenue. Not just a sales tax, either. Growers should purchase a license to grow it. No license, no growing. That should be the law. Anyone caught growing without a license would be subject to prosecution. Stores selling it should have to obtain a license to sell--just like a bar has to have a liquor license to sell liquor. So there are three ways to attract revenue--growing, selling, and purchasing.

2.  Law Enforcement. Our police forces across the country are overburdened with crimes from petty marijuana possession to murder. If marijuana were legal, they could spend more time worrying about the bigger crimes. 

3. Jobs.  There will be grow inspectors needed, as well as people added to licensing departments. Then there would be a need for store inspectors, checking that the store is properly weighing and selling the goods, calibrating the scales, and making sure that the marijuana is properly displayed and stored.

4.  Eliminating the Bad Elements. Well, maybe not all of them, but certainly hurting some of their business. 

Years ago, we learned that prohibition just doesn't work. Making alcohol or marijuana illegal just puts the money into the hands of illegal operators.

Will it be a solution to America's drug problem? NO. But it's a start. Of course there will be drawbacks. Even though it would still be illegal to drive under the influence, it would be much harder to tell if a person is high. I say adjust the rules there and let a police officer determine if a blood test is required based on the scent of marijuana coming from the car and if the driver has red or bloodshot eyes.