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Another Annoying Commercial

I'm not sure if everyone in the country sees this one, but let me tell you I never wanted to smack someone in the face as badly as I do this girl.

Have you seen the Eight O'clock Coffee commercial? The girl is in for an interview when see spies a coffee pot and a bag of Eight O'clock Coffee. Without being offered, she jumps up and helps herself to a cup of coffee.

The interviewer enters and compliments the girl on a fantastic resume, and the girl begins slurping up the coffee out of her cup! She stands there slurping and holding up her index finger, indicating that the interviewer should wait. Oh! I want to slap her!

The best thing about the entire commercial is that the interviewer drops the girl's resume into a shredder while she is still slurping her coffee.

I mean....come on! I thought commercials were supposed to appeal to our senses of decorum, taste, and pride. This commercial shows a girl who is rude, with poor drinking habits, and no manners. Is that what the Eig…


Soooo Sorry! The last post is in ERROR. FLO is a PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE character. I totally misspoke on that. So it's not Geico she works for, it's PROGRESSIVE.

Sorry Geico. You are not responsible for that annoying creature, and I do apologize for that association. It's an easy mistake though, since as soon as I see her, I tune out the commercial. I just forgot which company she was affiliated with.

But FLO is still FLO. Annoying and tedious.

Government Up Again-Let's Move on for Awhile.

Well, I'm glad that temper tantrum is over. I certainly hope we can avoid another one. Maybe it would help if we gave all of the children in Congress IPhones or eTablets so all of them could play poker while sitting there dreaming of sugarplums while in session. See how sensible John McCain is? It seems to be beneficial.

So now that that is over, let's move on to something fun for the time being.

Have you seen that Geico TV commercial  where the camel walks through the office asking the workers if they know what day it is? It's HUMP DAY!! That's a great commercial. Geico has a lot of really good commercials. They're fun to watch, except for FLO. I'm getting sick of her. The first few commercials with Flo were funny, but now she is getting on my nerves.

Geico should have quit using her commercials way back after about the third one. She was funny and quirky in those, but now she is just annoying. Geico--Wake up! Flo is no longer entertaining!!

And that's what I …

"Dang Straight"? Despicable!!

When Republican Lee Terry of Nebraska was asked if he would continue to receive paychecks while the government was shut down and many employees were furloughed, his answer was "Dang Straight."

That, folks, is despicable! That's how he feels. In other words 'To hell with all of you. I don't care about anybody but myself."

Oh, he retracted his statement, and even said he was ashamed he said it. Well, he did say it, and that's his true feelings. An apology at this point is only because he just may have cost himself some votes and some approval points. But those two words spoken by Lee Terry only prove that he is a self-centered, self-serving greedy politician who feeds his own agenda and he doesn't give a damn about the people who elected him.

It's wise to remember that an apology after breaking someone's nose, does not heal the nose. I can only hope that his constituents remember his words when he comes up for re-election.

Government Shutdown

This seems to be the talk at every gathering, every dinner table, and everywhere else these days. In my opinion, it's despicable, not to mention unprofessional and childish.

Shutting down the government because a group doesn't like a program is just like taking your ball and going home because you don't like the rules.

And if non-essential workers are furloughed, why is Congress still there? Oh....that's right. It's non-essential workers---not non-productive workers.

Now here are some of the departments and agencies that are considered NON-ESSENTIAL:

CDC--Center for Disease Control. Nope. I guess that's not important. They only identify diseases and their sources, which could stop an epidemic. It's too bad they can't stop the epidemic of Congressional Stupidity.

Labor Department--Well, I guess if nobody is working, this department isn't needed.

EPA--Environmental Protection Agency. Oh well hell, we don't need this. Filthy air and filthy water is good…