Monday, October 21, 2013

Another Annoying Commercial

I'm not sure if everyone in the country sees this one, but let me tell you I never wanted to smack someone in the face as badly as I do this girl.

Have you seen the Eight O'clock Coffee commercial? The girl is in for an interview when see spies a coffee pot and a bag of Eight O'clock Coffee. Without being offered, she jumps up and helps herself to a cup of coffee.

The interviewer enters and compliments the girl on a fantastic resume, and the girl begins slurping up the coffee out of her cup! She stands there slurping and holding up her index finger, indicating that the interviewer should wait. Oh! I want to slap her!

The best thing about the entire commercial is that the interviewer drops the girl's resume into a shredder while she is still slurping her coffee.

I mean....come on! I thought commercials were supposed to appeal to our senses of decorum, taste, and pride. This commercial shows a girl who is rude, with poor drinking habits, and no manners. Is that what the Eight O'clock people want us to associate them with?

Hey, Ad-people. How about thinking a little bit before you produce a commercial?


That's what I think.

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