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What the HELL?

I recently emailed Senator Marco Rubio asking him to PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR BETSY DEVOS, and do you know what I got back from him?
And it's not the first time. Every time I have ever reached out to him with any concern, he responds by quoting the statutes!!!
Senator Rubio, I don't give a flying rat's ass about the statutes!! I asked you not to vote for a woman who is not qualified, incompetent, and unfit to head up the Department of Education. Simple as that.
What is it with the Republican leaders? Don't they care who is in the White House or what the President does, as long as it's a Republican? Where are the morals? The integrity? THE COMMON SENSE? What happened to acting for the good of the country and its people? Do you know that over three million calls and emails were directed to the Congressmen, all pleading that they don't confirm Betsy DeVos? They did anyway.DOESN'T THAT TELL YOU THAT THEY DO NOT LISTEN TO THEIR CONSTIT…