What the HELL?

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I recently emailed Senator Marco Rubio asking him to PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR BETSY DEVOS, and do you know what I got back from him?


And it's not the first time. Every time I have ever reached out to him with any concern, he responds by quoting the statutes!!!

Senator Rubio, I don't give a flying rat's ass about the statutes!! I asked you not to vote for a woman who is not qualified, incompetent, and unfit to head up the Department of Education. Simple as that.

What is it with the Republican leaders? Don't they care who is in the White House or what the President does, as long as it's a Republican? Where are the morals? The integrity? THE COMMON SENSE? What happened to acting for the good of the country and its people? Do you know that over three million calls and emails were directed to the Congressmen, all pleading that they don't confirm Betsy DeVos? They did anyway. DOESN'T THAT TELL YOU THAT THEY DO NOT LISTEN TO THEIR CONSTITUENTS? THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED AND PUT THESE POLITICIANS INTO THE POSITION TO WORK ON THEIR BEHALF? WHY DOESN'T THIS PISS OFF MORE OF YOU?

Now Trump wants to build up the military after he put a ban on people entering the country. Do you know who else did that? HITLER.

And why is Trump defending Putin?
Image result for putin Take a good look at this man's eyes. What do you see? I see the eyes of a snake.


AND THAT'S WHAT I THINK..................

Now, as a special added note: Here is a partial list of those I would love to punch in the face:

DONALD TRUMP just for being the ass that he is.
MARCO RUBIO for sitting on his high horse and selling out to Trump.
PAUL RYAN for being a self-righteous, lying weasel.
MIKE PENCE for casting a vote for Betsy DeVos, and numerous other reasons.
BILL BELICHICK Twice...because he's a smug cheater who can't smile.
TOM BRADY for being the arrogant pretty boy that he is. (He is a great QB though.)
TED CRUZ well, maybe hit him with a stick because...EW! Any need to explain why?
KELLYANNE CONWAY Oh Lordy! Lordy! So many reasons! Is she a liar, or is she delusional? Or is she just stupid? (Oh wait...is that an alternative fact?)



  1. I feel your frustration, Carole. Let's hope that sunlight comes out after the storm...


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