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Washington is Totally Missing the Point

As usual, the members who make up our government have totally missed the real point of  Doug Hughes' mission.

Of course, all they think about are their own asses.

Well, the point of his mission is this:

It is obvious that sending emails or letters doesn't accomplish anything. 
Phone calls don't work either.

Congress does not listen to the people who elected them. 
Congress ignores our requests and pleas.
There is no way to reach them. 
The public cannot talk to them. Question them. 

They have done their best to isolate themselves away from the public as they go about serving themselves, and lining their pockets.

So Mr. Hughes wanted to make sure his message got to the people of Congress.

And he gets arrested!! Does this mean the Congress can remain aloof and continue to ignore the American public?

I applaud Doug Hughes for bringing the truth to the surface. 


And that's what I think...........