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Republican Candidates--I Have Some Questions for You

Donald Trump--In a debate, why do you NEVER answer the questions asked? How bout answering this one: What are your plans for Social Security and Medicare? Do you plan on hurting the elderly and disabled like the other candidates? Or are you planning to rebuild Social Security so that those who are less fortunate than you can live a life where the basic necessities are taken care of?

Ben Carson--I understand you are a brilliant surgeon and that you are the only candidate who can operate on a brain or separate Siamese twins--BUT--What exactly makes that Presidential? I understand that you want to end Medicare. WHY? Doesn't the medical profession get a high enough payment when claims go through Medicare? Or do you simply not want to see the elderly be healthy? Are you suggesting that all people be taken off Government subsidies and left to sink or swim? Any idea how many would survive? Or don't you care?

Paul Ryan--Despicable He

One of the most dangerous men in politics is none other than Paul Ryan

This despicable person 

Sneers at the Middle classDespises the low income and the poorWants to destroy healthcare and healthcare coverage for those who need itDisapproves of any program that benefits the working class.Is Bigoted.AND NOW......................
We learn that HE IS A HYPOCRITE.
He stated that he would consider the position of Speaker of the House under the condition that he will not give up family time. 
That would be a terrific gesture if Paul Ryan hadn't voted AGAINST FAMILY LEAVE why is it important to him and not to the WORKING CLASS?
Well, considering his superiority attitude as he looks down his nose upon THOSE HE CONSIDERS BENEATH HIS STATION, I'd say he is making a common Politician's statement:
This man is dangerous. 99%--BEWARE!
And that's what I think.

Excuse me, Marco Rubio??

This is almost too funny to be angry about.

Senator Marco Rubio (R) Florida made this statement concerning Kim Davis:

“We should seek a balance between government’s responsibility to abide by the laws of our republic and allowing people to stand by their religious convictions,” Mr. Rubio said in a statement to The New York Times, his first public remarks on the case.
“While the clerk’s office has a governmental duty to carry out the law,” he added, “there should be a way to protect the religious freedom and conscience rights of individuals working in the office.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Her conscience rights are not in question here. Her desire to obey her conscience should only be in play on whether or not she, herself would ever enter into a same-sex marriage. That's HER right to choose. HOWEVER, it is NOT HER RIGHT to choose whether or not another person can enter into a same-sex marriage. 
Senator Rubio, Kim Davis' freedoms and rights are not the issues here. What is the issue is Kim…

The Donald and The Koch Brothers

What makes Donald Trump so popular? Well, here is why:

#1 reason:DONALD TRUMP says what he thinks, and everyone knows that. OTHER CANDIDATESsay what they think you want to hear. 

#2 reason:DONALD TRUMPis his own man. He is not in anybody's pocket. And that is refreshing. 

The KOCH BROTHERS plan on DONATING a MASSIVE AMOUNT OF MONEY to the GOP CAMPAIGN. So who do you think would have a big say in how the government is run?

Jeb Bush--How Dare You!!

I tried to post this on Jeb Bush's website, but apparently the site accepts nothing but pleasant fluff...

So I am posting this open message here, and if anyone knows how to get Jeb Bush's attention, please direct him to this site. 

Jeb Bush:


First of all, let me make this perfectly clear: Having the last name of Bush does not entitle you to the presidency--contrary to what your family believes.

But that's not the primary issue here. The issue is this: How DARE you try to take Medicare away from the people who worked hard and paid into it for years! You called it entitlements. Handouts. Want to talk about entitlements? Handouts?


1. Six-figure retirement package.
2. Guaranteed medical coverage for life.
3. Medical coverage for spouse for life.
4. Secret Service protection for retired official.
5. Secret Service protection for said official's spouse and family. 


Things that a person believes are his due, whether or no…


Oh, do we need it!!
Folks, as it stands we are about to lose our government as it was intended. I ask you quite simply: If you  heard that the head of an Organized Crime Family planned on giving a candidate $1 Billion for his campaign, what would you think? 
You would think he was trying to buy the candidate. Right?
So why are you so complacent about the Koch Brothers' plan to donate that much to the Republican Party? What exactly do you think is behind that? 
Simply this: The Koch Brothers are trying to buy the election. And, what's more...if a Republican wins the election, the Koch Brothers will be running this country. You think not? Think Again!
Now here is my idea for future campaigns. Believe me, the candidates won't like this, but I believe it's a better way to get decent people in office, rather than the scamming, bullshitting , lying, greedy, self-serving, do-nothings we have today. it is: Simply put.
No more TV ads, radio ads, or newspaper ads, or billboar…