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Okay. I'm venting

I've had it!

I thought the vicious and hateful behavior would stop after the election. 

But it hasn't!!

FOUL-MOUTHED, NAME-CALLING TRUMPETEERS are still verbally attacking people online--on Facebook, and Twitter. 

Is this what Donald Trump Created?A nation of foul-mouthed, vicious, hateful followers who are so willing to verbally, and physically, attack anyone who is not a fan of his?

Do we not have freedom of speech any more? Do we not have a right to our own opinions? 

Make America great again? How? By breeding a massive group of thugs? And if that isn't bad enough, he's filling all his job positions with nasty, hateful critters. Evil thugs with money! 

I love this country. I really do! But the United States is becoming a cruel, dangerous place for anyone who believes in justice and equality for all. 

I swear that Donald Trump is Adolph Hitler, reincarnated, and his followers are all reincarnates of the 3rd Reich.

Funny how they all are strongly in favor of the 2nd Amendment …