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To Newt Gingrich...

Hello, Mr. Gingrich!

I just saw your statement where you were once again slamming our President of the United States. All I can say is that I'm very glad Donald Trump didn't pick you for VP since you obviously have no respect for the highest office in the country. 

But let's address your thoughts on guns versus trucks. You slammed President Obama for wanting some sort of gun control, by making a statement that Obama should ban trucks, because there are too many trucks (KILLING PEOPLE,I PRESUME?). 

Trucks kill people? NO. People driving them do. 

Guns kill people? NO. Only malicious, crazy people carrying them do.

But in The interest of your love for guns....swell, let's just arm everybody with a gun! When a baby is born, let the Godparents gift the beautiful newborn with his own gun--Godparent's choice, of course. Every baby deserves his own Glock. .357-Magnums make great graduation gifts--don't you agree? Especially when the kids graduate from middle school? 

Maybe …