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Oh, do we need it!!
Folks, as it stands we are about to lose our government as it was intended. I ask you quite simply: If you  heard that the head of an Organized Crime Family planned on giving a candidate $1 Billion for his campaign, what would you think? 
You would think he was trying to buy the candidate. Right?
So why are you so complacent about the Koch Brothers' plan to donate that much to the Republican Party? What exactly do you think is behind that? 
Simply this: The Koch Brothers are trying to buy the election. And, what's more...if a Republican wins the election, the Koch Brothers will be running this country. You think not? Think Again!
Now here is my idea for future campaigns. Believe me, the candidates won't like this, but I believe it's a better way to get decent people in office, rather than the scamming, bullshitting , lying, greedy, self-serving, do-nothings we have today. it is: Simply put.
No more TV ads, radio ads, or newspaper ads, or billboar…