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You Know You're a Pittsburgher if.....

You've been crying this week. 

Yes, Chuck Noll--one of the most beloved coaches in Football--passed away this week. 

One of my neighbors saw my tears and asked why I was crying. I told him, "Chuck Noll died." 

He said, "Oh yeah, I heard that. He was the Pittsburgh coach for awhile, right?" 

My answer: "Yes."

"Why are you crying? Did you know him?"

Well...did I know him? Yes and no. I never met the man so I didn't know him personally. But I'm a Pittsburgher and he coached the Pittsburgh Steelers. We're family. We don't have to be related to be family. We're part of the Steelers Nation. We wear Black & Gold, and we all bleed Black & Gold. 

So YES, I knew him--knew him and loved him--just like the rest of the Steelers Nation. 

He led the Steelers Dynasty and brought home FOUR Superbowl trophies. 

Chuck Noll will always be remembered and loved by the citizens in the City of Pittsburgh and by those who love the Steelers all ove…

I Spoke Too Soon

A couple of weeks ago I stated that I was sick of hearing about Benghazi, and why the hell don't they move on to something else? 

Well.....they did.
And now I'm sick of the Bowe Bergdahl story. 

QUESTION:  Why was it okay for President Reagan to trade 1500 missiles to Iran in exchange for the release of prisoners but not okay for President Obama to exchange 5 prisoners (men) for one of ours? 

Gee....that's a tough one, isn't it? 

Now, a little side bar here: What constitutes a terrorist? Someone who makes threats and then acts on his threats? Like threatening to shut down the government and then doing so? (Just asking.)

I'm beginning to wonder if there is a special room in the Capitol Building set aside for GOP Arts & Crafts.

A room where they carry out the ART of MAKING MOUNTAINS OUT OF MOLE HILLS.(We could call that the 3M project.)

And in that room, CREATIVE STORY-TELLING is developed and sent to Fox-News for analysis. 

And.....since they all seem to enjoy this...the…