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Can you believe this? Shouldn't we at least get what we pay for? These idiots with 6-FIGURE INCOMES have posted their work schedule from now until November. UNBELIEVABLE!! 

And the time they are in session, the word NOTHING ACCOMPLISHED comes to mind. But OH, WAIT! They are spending the time (and OUR MONEY) to come up with IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS.

If you ask me, (and of course, you don't) every damn one of them should be impeached.

And that's what I think...............

Melissa McCarthy in Tammy

So the producers were disappointed by  the box office receipts when the movie "Tammy" opened. Well, maybe--just maybe I know why.

Melissa McCarthy is just too over the top.

When she first appeared on TV in "Mike & Molly" she was wonderful. She was a teacher in the series, a responsible adult, and subtly funny. 


Her character became shiftless and irresponsible, and to me, not very funny. Her actions in the series are a lot more like slapstick comedy than the comedy that a reasonably intelligent adult enjoys.

Personally, I outgrew the Three Stooges years and years ago.

From seeing the clips on "Tammy" I am seeing the same type of silly,used up, slapstick comedy. 

Melissa McCarthy is a wonderful comedic actress. Why can't the producers and directors see that?

Please go back to giving her roles that have some meat to them. And save the silly, sloppy, knock-down slapstick for those who can't act.

And that's what I think....…