Melissa McCarthy in Tammy

So the producers were disappointed by  the box office receipts when the movie "Tammy" opened. Well, maybe--just maybe I know why.

Melissa McCarthy is just too over the top.

When she first appeared on TV in "Mike & Molly" she was wonderful. She was a teacher in the series, a responsible adult, and subtly funny. 


Her character became shiftless and irresponsible, and to me, not very funny. Her actions in the series are a lot more like slapstick comedy than the comedy that a reasonably intelligent adult enjoys.

Personally, I outgrew the Three Stooges years and years ago.

From seeing the clips on "Tammy" I am seeing the same type of silly, used up, slapstick comedy. 

Melissa McCarthy is a wonderful comedic actress. Why can't the producers and directors see that?

Please go back to giving her roles that have some meat to them. And save the silly, sloppy, knock-down slapstick for those who can't act.

And that's what I think...............


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