Jeb Bush--How Dare You!!

I tried to post this on Jeb Bush's website, but apparently the site accepts nothing but pleasant fluff...

So I am posting this open message here, and if anyone knows how to get Jeb Bush's attention, please direct him to this site. 

Jeb Bush:


First of all, let me make this perfectly clear: Having the last name of Bush does not entitle you to the presidency--contrary to what your family believes.

But that's not the primary issue here. The issue is this: How DARE you try to take Medicare away from the people who worked hard and paid into it for years! You called it entitlements. Handouts. Want to talk about entitlements? Handouts?


1. Six-figure retirement package.
2. Guaranteed medical coverage for life.
3. Medical coverage for spouse for life.
4. Secret Service protection for retired official.
5. Secret Service protection for said official's spouse and family. 


Things that a person believes are his due, whether or not they have been earned.  

You see, we PAID INTO Medicare. We EARNED it. But yet, not a damned one of the people in Washington earned what they take. You say Medicare needs fixed? Okay, let's fix it. 

1. First, let's eliminate the 6-figure retirement for all of the self-servers in Washington. If Social Security isn't enough, (and believe me, it's not), let them set up  a 401k while they are in office.
2.  Make those in Washington pay into Social Security and Medicare, and then have the right to collect on it and use it when they reach retirement age.  

I'm sick of you lawmakers tampering with things that you have made yourselves exempt from. Keep your hands off of Social Security and Medicare! What right do you have to screw around with our lives when it doesn't affect you? It's about damned time to level the playing field!

Now, Jeb, back to you. Because of your obvious lack of consideration for the elderly who are not affluent, you can be guaranteed that YOU WILL NOT HAVE MY VOTE. You can also be assured that I will campaign hard against you, and any other candidate who wants to destroy the lifeline of senior citizens who are not wealthy.

Carole McKee

Please forward to  Jeb Bush because....

This is what I think.............


  1. Thanks for your passion. I agree with this post!

  2. Thanks for your passion. I agree with this post!

    1. You are welcome. Are you as sick as I am over these self-serving politicians taking, taking, taking? And then taking away from the rest of us to pay for what they take? Are you sick of them constantly attacking the middle class and the poor? Are you sick of their lies? I am. I am sick of them, period!

  3. Tell it like it is, Carole...and that you did! Thanks for clarifying the difference between "entitlements" and expecting to receive what we paid into all of our lives and "earned."

  4. You're welcome. I'm so sick of those idiots!


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