Saturday, October 24, 2015

Paul Ryan--Despicable He

One of the most dangerous men in politics is none other than Paul Ryan

This despicable person 

  • Sneers at the Middle class
  • Despises the low income and the poor
  • Wants to destroy healthcare and healthcare coverage for those who need it
  • Disapproves of any program that benefits the working class.
  • Is Bigoted.
  • AND NOW......................

We learn that HE IS A HYPOCRITE.

He stated that he would consider the position of Speaker of the House under the condition that he will not give up family time. 

That would be a terrific gesture if Paul Ryan hadn't voted AGAINST FAMILY LEAVE why is it important to him and not to the WORKING CLASS?

Well, considering his superiority attitude as he looks down his nose upon THOSE HE CONSIDERS BENEATH HIS STATION, I'd say he is making a common Politician's statement:


This man is dangerous. 99%--BEWARE!

And that's what I think.

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