Republican Candidates--I Have Some Questions for You

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Donald Trump--In a debate, why do you NEVER answer the questions asked? How bout answering this one: What are your plans for Social Security and Medicare? Do you plan on hurting the elderly and disabled like the other candidates? Or are you planning to rebuild Social Security so that those who are less fortunate than you can live a life where the basic necessities are taken care of?

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Ben Carson--I understand you are a brilliant surgeon and that you are the only candidate who can operate on a brain or separate Siamese twins--BUT--What exactly makes that Presidential? I understand that you want to end Medicare. WHY? Doesn't the medical profession get a high enough payment when claims go through Medicare? Or do you simply not want to see the elderly be healthy? Are you suggesting that all people be taken off Government subsidies and left to sink or swim? Any idea how many would survive? Or don't you care?

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Carly Fiorina--If you believe that video of Planned Parenthood is real, you are way too gullible and stupid to be President. And by the way, fully developed babies are not fetuses. If such a video were actually true, the FBI would have been ll over it. Please look up Adobe Photoshop and various other photo and video altering programs. Why do you constantly slam Hilary Clinton? Is it because she is the other woman running?

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Marco Rubio--Hey, Whippersnapper, don't you think you should wait your turn? You suddenly show up as a politician and you're ready to climb right to the top. You say we need young blood in the government? Why? So the young can have it all and the elderly (who worked 50 years or more) can just be pushed aside? I thought elders were respected in your culture!

You are always talking about how your immigrant parents came to this country and worked hard and managed to survive. Then you turn around and say Hilary Clinton wants to go back to yesterday,and you want to move forward. Well, understand this: Your parents were able to make it yesterday, but the bottom line is, if they were trying to make it today, they would be on public assistance, even if it was just food stamps. With the cost of everything from food, and housing to college tuition today, your parents would not be doing so well. So yes, we could stand a trip back to yesterday--at least where the prices of everything are concerned.

Oh, and by the way, I thought your dad was a barber, not a bartender.

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Ted Cruz--I think you are a little delusional, but your tax plan isn't half bad. You want to audit the Federal Reserve? You want to eliminate the IRS? Okay. So what would be your plan for collecting taxes and keeping everyone honest?

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Jeb Bush--So typical of the men in the Bush family. Bullshit artists. Jeb, as long as you keep defending your brother, your hope of becoming president is nil. Is it tradition that makes you run for President? Does the family think that every male in it should be president? Dear, God! How many more of you are there? You say DUBYA kept is safe? Have you heard anything about 9/11?

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John Kasich--I think I like you the best. You have the best policies, and you did great things in Ohio. BUT--that is just one-fiftieth of the responsibility. Can you do what you accomplished in Ohio times 50? Please study the facts on marijuana. Two things worse than marijuana are cigarettes and alcohol, and they are both legal.

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Mike Huckabee--You are right. Social Security is the people's money. So why is everyone trying to take it away from us? The only difference between what Bernie Madoff did and what the government is trying to do is this: The government is trying to do it legally and make excuses for it. I think you would make a better president than most of the others.

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Chris Christie--You are always the first to attack Hilary. Did you notice she wasn't on the stage at the debate?  Thank you for admitting the the government stole our Social Security money. I knew that. I remember when they started "borrowing" it, with the promise of "paying it back." Never happened. And oh yes! Yes, indeed! WE THE PEOPLE would LOVE to hear the TRUTH for a change. You say you want to take on price gouging? Sorta like the bridge episode? You support the police? Well, I do, too. But one must remember that trust and support for any organization is a two-way street. I do believe many officers are pulling their guns out way too often these days. I know it becomes an incident when it's police against African Americans, but it's happening with other races as well. It's just that nobody hears about it.

And I applaud you or standing up and saying something about the path the debate started following. I agree 100% that Fantasy Football should not be an issue for an election, and the focus should be actual real issues. 

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Rand Paul--You also want to audit the FEDS. You say you have a tax plan and it involves getting rid of payroll taxes. How does that work? You have a bill to fix Medicare and social Security? So what are they? I think I would like to see your ideas before I decided on you as a candidate. You actually did not get as much air time as the other candidates. Speak up next time!


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