Saturday, October 19, 2013

Government Up Again-Let's Move on for Awhile.

Well, I'm glad that temper tantrum is over. I certainly hope we can avoid another one. Maybe it would help if we gave all of the children in Congress IPhones or eTablets so all of them could play poker while sitting there dreaming of sugarplums while in session. See how sensible John McCain is? It seems to be beneficial.

So now that that is over, let's move on to something fun for the time being.

Have you seen that Geico TV commercial  where the camel walks through the office asking the workers if they know what day it is? It's HUMP DAY!! That's a great commercial. Geico has a lot of really good commercials. They're fun to watch, except for FLO. I'm getting sick of her. The first few commercials with Flo were funny, but now she is getting on my nerves.

Geico should have quit using her commercials way back after about the third one. She was funny and quirky in those, but now she is just annoying. Geico--Wake up! Flo is no longer entertaining!!

And that's what I think.

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