Friday, January 10, 2014

Old Spice

Has anyone seen the latest Old Spice commercials? Oh My GOD!! 

For those who haven't seen them, they show a boy's mother following him around and singing about how her son is misbehaving by kissing girls, and acting like a man; claiming that it's the fault of Old Spice

The commercials are straight from the memoirs of Oedipus' mother. Talk about sickening! Excuse me while I puke! 

Whatever happened to good taste in advertising? These foul, disgusting commercials need to be removed from the sight of the television viewing audience. Whoever thought this ad campaign up needs to be fired.

On a better note:  Geico--don't ever let go of whoever is in charge of your advertising. Every one of your ads are just terrific. I laughed all night and I still laugh when I remember the one about "the oldest trick in the book." That is hilarious. Keep it up, Geico Advertising department.

.......AND THAT'S WHAT I THINK.....................

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