Sunday, February 2, 2014

Two-and-a-half Men

Oh boy! What some people think is funny is so far beyond my reasoning!

Two-and-a-half Men

First, when Charlie Sheen was on this show, I couldn't enjoy it because of Charlie's character and how he viewed women. I thought it was disgraceful.

But NOW? 

Alan Harper, who used to be the decent respectful one has gone way, way over to the other side. I finally just flipped the channel because I just couldn't watch any more. 

So now...Alan is a freeloader, living off of a person who is not related to free of charge...and yet still tries to get more than has already been extended to him. SO NOT FUNNY! But to make his character even worse, he has suddenly become a "Charlie-plus." His attitude and behavior toward women is worse than Charlie's character! 

He's CRUDE. 

Who likes this stuff? There is nothing funny, enjoyable, or appealing about a man who mooches off of someone, tries to take advantage of him, doesn't pay for anything, including his own dates, and talks about sex like a fourteen year old. Not to mention, that he is really quite unattractive. Then he has a kid who is just as disgusting--a kid who thinks having sex and passing gas are equals. 

Ashton Kutcher? He's awesome. He and the Berta character are the only redeeming characters in this show.The show should be renamed

"One Man and a Couple of Jerks."

And that's what I think............

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