Thursday, February 20, 2014

Integrity? NOT!

I'm getting truly disgusted with some of these commercials. Two struck a nerve last night.

Little Halo Oranges

The little kid in the commercial catches his dad picking up one of his Halo Oranges and immediately adopts a posture of accusation. Dad asks if it's okay if he has one of the kid's Halos and the kid comes back with a smart mouthed response. 

How selfish can that little brat be? He has a whole box of them! 
Not to mention that he probably didn't pay for them--his dad probably bought them. 
But how about how disrespectful to the man the kid is? If I ever used that tone or used that smart mouth, I would have no mouth to speak with today.

So....The company that markets Little Halo Oranges is condoning DISRESPECT  and SELFISHNESS.

Chevy Tahoe

This ad shows a girl being driven home after she finishes babysitting. The mother of the children pulls out her wallet to pay this young girl, and clarifies that it's $40. Now that's a whole lot of money for a babysitting gig to begin with; but on the drive home the girl is checking out all the features on the Tahoe and decides that $40 isn't enough, and asks for $60. This is wrong on so many levels! Do I have to even go into any of these levels? We don't get paid by how much an employer is worth! We get paid on the basis of how much the employer thinks we are worth. Sometimes it's not enough, and sometimes it's too much, but never, ever, ever is a person supposed to jack up a fee because it looks like the payer can afford it. What if the payer looked at the girl's clothes and just decided she should get $20 instead of $40? Wouldn't that cause an outcry? Either way it's GREED in it's simplest form.

So...the company marketing the Chevy Tahoe is condoning GREED.

And that's what I think......................

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