Friday, May 19, 2017

Trying to Keep My Cool

I've been trying hard to stay quiet and not say too much about that Putrid Pig who has the audacity to call himself President. I can't stay quiet any more!!

Unbelievable!! He is asked to speak at a college commencement, where it is SUPPOSED to be about the graduates, and he makes it ALL ABOUT HIM!

He thinks no politician has ever been treated as unfairly as he has been treated? First of all...when he was a candidate, didn't he tell the country that he WAS NOT A POLITICIAN? Didn't he say that?

Secondly...remember Hillary Clinton? HELLO! She actually won the election! But he's president! That's pretty damn unfair, wouldn't you say? 

Remember in his speeches and rallies how he said Hillary should be locked up for carelessly handling emails that could have resulted in exposing classified information? Oh, I see how that works! Much better to just spew the classified information right into the faces of he Russians.

After "aggressively hinting" to FBI Director Comey that he hoped he would let the Russian ties investigation go, Jackass fires Comey when he pursues it further. Gee, I wonder why that is......

I think there is something to hide. If that jackass had no involvement with Russia, an investigation shouldn't matter to him. But, obviously, it does.

WHY? Because that self-serving, egotistical, lying sociopath is GUILTY of something. I hope the special prosecutor finds out what.

And that's what I think.............


  1. Don't hold back, Carole...LOL! I admire someone with the courage to "tell it like it is." If only the Press hadn't legitimized Trump as a candidate, the media wouldn't have to do so much backpedaling now. He wouldn't be president.

  2. Any Congressman who still stands by him needs to go down, too.