Best Candidate

With all the hype created by the Candidates trying to get the nomination for President, there is only one candidate who is QUIETLY QUALIFIED

I say this because he makes the least noise, yet he has proven himself in his own state. 


Taking a look at the other candidates:

DONALD TRUMP: This man very loudly claims that he will make America great again. when asked about the issues, he is very vague in his answers, but very clear when he shoots out an insult toward another candidate. HE IS BIGOTED AND CHILDISH. NOPE. NOT QUALIFIED.

TED CRUZ:  This clown-faced idiot will set the country back by 50 years. All the rights given to women, other minorities, including the LBGT community will be swept away, and we will be back in the 1960's again. ELECTING HIM WOULD BE A MISTAKE.

MARCO RUBIO: He is dangerous. Have you noticed how he looks down his nose at people? This man has publicly stated that he wants to slash Social Security and abolish Medicare and Medicaid. He is also against the middle class having healthcare coverage. Since he has been in the Senate, he has missed more votes than the average Senator.  Apparently the job of Senator isn't important to him, so why would we make him president? NOT A GOOD CHOICE.

BERNIE SANDERS: Does this man ever stop screaming at people? His ideas of FREE! FREE! FREE! are a bit of a pipe dream. If everything from healthcare to college is free, who will pay for it? The middle working class can't, and the wealthy won't. WILL NOT. SO HIS CAMPAIGN PROMISES HAVE NO VALIDITY.

HILARY CLINTON:  The sad thing here is that she IS QUALIFIED. She's smart, knowledgeable, and she has White House experience. But this email crap doesn't look good. I think it may keep her from getting elected. CAN SHE BE TRUSTED?

So that leaves; JOHN KASICH. he is QUALIFIED. He has already proven himself in the state of Ohio. He is intelligent, and he doesn't participate in the mud-slinging during a GOP debate. Actually, he is the only grown-up who attends the debates. 



And that's what I think..............


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